Collaborative Bike Shop Resources

Community Bikes Michael Teller teaching campers about bikes at Earth Kid’s Camp, Laguna Farms, Sebastopol, CA

Somewhere there is a list of all of the CA Collaborative Bike Shops. Let’s not recreate at the wheel…

Davis – Bike Fourth and Bike Church

Arcata Community Bike Program / Bike Library

Founded in 1997, the mission of the Arcata Community Bike Program is to promote the use of bicycles by Humboldt County residents as a safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable method of transportation. We enact our mission by providing bikes to Humboldt area residents and visitors through our new facility located in the old Sacchi Chevrolet building next to the Arcata Post Office, or through one of four lending stations: at the Arcata Co-op, Redwood Yogurt, Coffee Break, and the Arcata Recycling Center. Our volunteer-run program aims to inspire more people to bicycle more, thereby improving their health and helping to create a cleaner, more livable community for all.